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Oct 27, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. -- said they are in heaven. now with obama it's come right back again. we are all walking on eggshells again. not very delicately on those eggshells. like my introduction. [laughter] i am going to it debate party tonight. the host called it racist pizza debate party because he's having it in his fifth apartment. it's an apartment. maybe it's not being taken quite as seriously but it did work in 2000. more white people voted for barack obama 2008 than voted for any democratic candidate for president in nearly 40 years. tied with clinton and incumbent in 1996 and look at the wonders that produce. it produces disaster as it did nric city and it has with barack obama. you can see in last week's debate, that was the first objective thing obama has. for four years he has been coddled by the media. i mean i guess he faced sort of a tough opponent with hillary and linton but who is she? she is the wife of an impeached ex-president and that is how she made her name. still, she was better than john mccain. and you know in the hillary obama debate, the questions going question's going to obama we
Oct 28, 2012 7:45pm EDT
did he lie about what obama did but right now the old fashioned program that helps poor women and children is .07% of the federal budget. the caseload is down 50% in 15 years and we destroyed that program. we can debate all day. we destroy the program but they decided to resurrect welfare. again, the dog whistle and again saying that we are the ones looking out for you, the taxpayer and the rest of their message with this 47% thing about a quarter of those are seniors who again worked in order to now have their benefits. that isn't going to sit well with the people he was trying to turn out weeks ago. >> the republican party does of the generation of non-white up-and-coming like marco rubio in florida and ted cruce and texas and bobby jindal and louisianan who were all very conservative. it's been a a very impressive african-american woman from utah. estimate ultraconservative. >> does that help them at least present some image of a bigger tent as they move forward or the appealing to the same because of their politics and ideology? >> i think assuming it mitt romney and flyin
Oct 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
, should not be close. okay. barack obama should by all rights by wiping the floor with romney. the fact we are near to electing an investment banker president four years after the financial crisis is astonishing to me. how is it even possible? you know, what made it possible was that the reason barack obama hasn't built up a roosevelt lead and hasn't, you know, won democratic majority and commerce last for forty years in the way roosevelt did, he never took the steps roosevelt did. he never tackled the situation directly. it's not just the bank bailout. that's the biggest failure. it's across the board. there was no direct federal hiring to deal with unemployment. we got a form of national health insurance. but come on, we got bob dole's plan. [laughter] you know. so, you know, okay. i don't know if i answered your question or not. [laughter] >> i can feel myself wandering off in to place i don't really want to be. hopefully we'll get to that in the question time. >> i'm depressed i forget what the question was. [laughter] let me ask you one more depressing question and i think it's time f
Nov 3, 2012 7:15pm EDT
gave him was you -- if you watch msnbc, for example, right now, you might miss the story of our ambassador being killed. you know they think it's been a game changing gaffe my mitt romney. you do not know about obama's speech before the u.n.. there's a lot of things you don't know. i cited the caliber of the liberals on fox news. they had a former vice presidential candidate on the democratic party. they have bob -- or bob, a blow hazard, but he ran mondale's campaign. susan ran decaucus' campaign. they are liberals, but they are as smart as they come. [laughter] they're the -- [applause] they're -- [laughter] it's the best liberalism they have to offer. [laughter] meanwhile, on msnbc, they have people i've never heard of, and they are functional retards representing the conservative arguments, and then i said in the prime time lineup, there's only one partisan host, sean hannity. they cite bill o'riley, middle of the road, believes in global warming, gun control, and loves the obama, and kopple got testing saying he's not opinionated? no, he's opinionated, it's that he's the be
Oct 28, 2012 9:30am EDT
the examples i was giving him was if you watch msnbc for example right now, you might as the story about our ambassador being killed. you know that they think it's been a game changing gas by mitt romney, which you do not know about obama's people. there's a lot of things you don't know. i recited the caliber of the liberals on fox news. i mean, until she passed away, former price presidential candidate on the democratic party. they have bob beckel, who i think is the low hard, but he ran mondale's campaign. susan estrich ran to caucuses can pain. you have juan williams. look, i know they're liberals, but there is smart as they come. [laughter] it the best liberalism has to offer. meanwhile in msnbc the people at ever heard a end they were functional representing the conservative argument. i said in the primetime lineup is only one partisan host, sean hannity. so this makes ted koppel's head explode and of course he cites bill o'reilly. i said o'reilly is middle of the road. he believes in global warming, gun control must be a bomb is. koppel said you're saying he's not opinionated? i said n
Oct 28, 2012 12:00pm EDT
. it is proof that the republican party is tilted right. if from the beach obama then it will be because he has won a lot of independent voters to moved from party the party election to election. to me the best evidence that the tea party movement is not here to stay, at least matured, it has entered the bloodstream is by the behavior, the voting behavior of congress. you see, you know, for example, the ryan budget. you know, both times, in 2011 and 12 when it came up for a vote, all these republicans who previously voted against it now vote for it. the reason for this is that if they fail to vote for it there will be primary by someone who will get to their right. in fact, one of the people that i read about in the buck is a moderate republican named joann emerson and misery. and she voted against a couple of things that, you know, were not -- or firing behavior was not deemed sufficiently right wing. but some things saying hey, here is what the primary. as of that sort of behavior strikes fear into the arts of a lot of legislators. >> and if governor robin is a response to that from the tea p
Oct 28, 2012 12:00am EDT
out there. so i think that's right and it's really too bad because it has closed a lot of doors in our family. and that is what you founded michelle obama's families. you are able to help truly open those doors for her family. >> you know, i think, at least within her family, there are those conversations happening but i think as i said, ordinary americans around the country are making these kinds of discoveries with dna testing so these conversations are happening around the country. when you talk about marriage and the importance of legitimacy, one of the other nice stories which again talks about the variation of the american experience during slavery was the first lady had ancestors who were free for decades before the civil war. one of the most interesting records that i came upon was a record which showed those members of her family who after the civil war went to the courthouse and lined up to get their marriages and their relationships legitimized and recognized under the law and a lot of people did that. >> i think that if -- and i am curious how does the first lady michelle o
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7